Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pravasi Bhartiya Divas - PBD 2014

India Government celebrated Pravasi Bhartiya Divas at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi from 7th to 9th, January 2014. 25 million non resident indians make the reachest community in the world. Govt. of India is trying to attract these pravasi bharatiya by organizing NRI meets since last 12 years.

Rajendra Bhansali, spoke today at 1394th seminar of Gulabi Nagar Vichar Manch. He added that NRI's invested $71 billion in India in 2013. Their remittences play vital role in meeting trade defecit of India. Jyoti Kothari told that british government sent thousand of labours to carribean islands Fizi, Surenam and African countries like Zambia, Uganda and South Afrika. Later on Indians found their way in the UK, US, Canada etc. Indians went to Gulf countries after independance and more than 5 million indians are living there. Now NRI's (Pravasi Bharatiya) are found all over the world. He added that "central and provincial governments in India look NRI's in dollars. However, governments are not keen in solving their issues and problems. We have to work on these issues.

Advocate Pradeep Chauhan informed that today is anniversary of India's great son Swami Vivekanand and we must remember him. He threw light on his life.

Mahesh Mahamwal, Anil Kothari, Nittin Bagrecha and Darshan Kothari also participated in this discussion.

Maniram Chaudhary presided over the meeting and Tejkaran Parashar extended vote of thanks.

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