Monday, April 20, 2009

Importance of compulsory voting: Meeting 1352

Gulabi Nagar Vichar Manch organized its 1352 th meeting on 19 April, 2009.

Subject: Importance of compulsory voting
Chief Speaker: Professor Ramesh Arora
Chair: Shree Radheyshyam Dhoot

Professor Ramesh Arora urged for compulsory voting. He told that Indians vote @ 55 to 60 percent in average. There was a 58% polling in the last Loksabha election 2004. That means 42% of the voters did not cast their vote. Youth of India casted their votes even at less percentage than the average. They caste @ 54% only. He argued that this is not a good sign for a democracy.
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The high profiles, educated and rich class are reluctant to vote. This causes criminals, illiterates and unpopular persons to find themselves in local bodies, assemblies and parliament.
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He also stated reasons of non voting and urged to make it compulsory. He added that likes of countries Australia, Chili, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina have already constitutional provision for compulsory voting. He supported his arguments with hard data.
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Dr. Ujala Arora, former minister, Tejkaran Parashar, Bharati, Rampal, Darshan Kothari, Ashok Barhat and Jyoti Kothari have contributed to the discussion.

Presiding dignitary Shree Radheyshyam Dhoot supported the idea and discussed philosophy and Psyche of voting and democracy. He quoted from Ramcharit Manas in support of his philosophy.
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Jyoti Kothari, additional convener of the Manch conducted the meeting and extended vote of thanks. He appealed all the audience to come forward to boost activities of the Manch to commemorate their beloved convener, late Shree Girdharilal Bhargava, MP, Jaipur.

Update: Gujrat bill for compulsory voting announced by Narendra Modi, Chief minister Gujrat, has ignited the debate again among Indians.

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Anju said...

I have read the news and viewed videos. Good combination.
I agree that voting should be made compulsory.

Roshan Singh said...

Nice discussion and videos. Voting must be made compulsory.