Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climate change conference in Copenhagen: Discussion

Dr. Hemlata Chatar
Ph.D in  Environment

Gulabi Nagar Vichar Manch discussed today on current topic "Climate change conference in Copenhagen". Dr. Hemlata Chatar, was the Chief speaker. She is a Ph.D on environment and auditor, Environment Management System EMS 14000.

She told that Climate change and global warming are related issues and world leader are discussing the topic in Copenhagen Climate change conference.

She told that temperature of the globe is constantly increasing and 2010 will be proved as the hottest year. Glaciers have started melting in Antarctica and in the Himalayas. 15000 glaciers in the Himalayan range are at the threshold of total melt. Even great glaciers like Gangotri and Yamonotri are in danger.India will be severely affected by these.

Melting of glaciers will result in sea level rising. Coastal cities like Mumbai and Chennai will be in danger.

Global warming is mainly due to carbon emissions and green house effect. Increasing number of vehicles and factories are causing carbon emissions.These are affecting environment badly. She added that we should reduce dependence on fossil fuels and start looking into renewable sources of energy like solar energy and wind power energy. All these issues have been discussing in climate change conference, Copenhagen.

She also emphasized on planting tress and forestation which will help attracting rainfall and reduce global warming.

Jyoti Kothari told that  India has declared its stand in the climate change conference, Copenhagen. India has announced carbon emissions cut by 20 to 25 percent unilaterally and it is now turn of developed, rich and industrialized countries to declare their goals. We wish Copenhagen be Hopenhagen.

He also told that Jainism has depicted a lot about environment and global leaders can look on to that to save the earth.

Jainism and environment

Dr Garg, MD

Dr. Garg presided over the meeting. He told that developed countries do not act upon what they say. They are liable for carbon emissions but do not want to take responsibilities. They also do not even want to contribute financially to fight global warming.

Tejkaran Parashar extended vote of thanks on behalf of Gulabi Nagar Vichar Manch.


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Darshan Kothari said...

This is a timely discussion. Dr. Chatar is an expert in environment. She had been my teacher.